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From the outset, Datawords' 6 culturally-diverse founders have believed that multiculturalism creates value. In fact, we believe it's the recipe for success in today's business world. And the fact that Datawords has been growing for over 20 years is the best proof of this. That's why the values that guide our decision-making can be summed up in two words: EVERYONE MATTERS. This belief challenges us to put the needs and well-being of all our stakeholders first.



Employees matter

We value every employee worldwide. No matter their background, gender, religion or expertise, everyone has a unique story, intelligence and potential that deserves to be recognized and shared. We advocate the need for mutual respect and attentive listening. We believe that every employee is a piece of a complex puzzle: that individually and/or collectively, they have the power to make a difference in a harmonious way. We have to make sure that every employee finds their place to deliver their full potential.

Clients matter

Each and every one of our clients is important. Their satisfaction and success are our top priority. We are committed to offering products and services of exceptional quality to deliver a relevant message to each of their ATAWADAC** consumers. We strive to build a trust-based relationship with everyone by continually innovating and adapting to technological developments in the market. This approach enables us to meet their needs as effectively as possible. Our customers, whatever their background, need to get the right terms from us for a fair profit.

Communities matter

The communities in which we live are important to everyone's well-being. We must respect them and contribute as much as possible to sustaining them by being good citizens, paying our fair share of taxes and using our multicultural ingenuity to act socially and protect our environment and natural resources.

Shareholders matter

Finally, our shareholders are also important to us! Our business must be geared towards a fair outcome. We are passionately committed to capturing what is just beginning. We create value by continually investing in multicultural performance. By acting in accordance with these principles, we will ensure that our shareholders receive a fair return on their investment.

Everyone matters!

*Principle in Esperanto, an international language used by people from at least 120 countries around the world.
**AnyTime, AnyWhere, Any Device, Any Culture.




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