Transmitting your image internationally

Your means of communication (website, applications, brochures) convey your company’s brand image. Only specialists in your sector can adapt your content to each market.

Making use of specialized translators

To best translate your message, you need translators who are experts in your field of activity.

Our linguistic consultants coordinate communities of translators. Each one is categorized by field of expertise: industry, cosmetics, luxury...

Translators are preselected on the basis of their experience in the targeted sector, and then undergo a series of rigorous tests. They are then evaluated on each assignment. This way, we can always be sure of calling on the best translators and setting up a team dedicated to your project.

Technology at the service of quality

CAT (Computer-Assisted Translation) software enables us to speed up our production processes.

Its use also ensures the best possible consistency between the translations on all the various communications media thanks to terminological databases and glossaries. We guarantee harmonized translations across your communications media.

Your communications gain in impact, your image gains in coherence.

Digital translation: search engine optimization

Adopting the keywords favored by search engines at the translation stage increases the effectiveness of the translated content. Paying close attention to the content in each language is the key to SEO success.

Nowadays, linguistic skills and CAT (Computer-Assisted Translation) tools are no longer the sole success factors. The content must be adapted to each country’s search engines to widen the reach of your message, gain visibility and make its way to potential clients. Our translators become referencing specialists and work in symbiosis with the SEO, web marketing and social media teams to produce rich content that is pertinent for search engines.

Providing a customized service

You have the benefit of a single contact and a dedicated team, who will be attentive to your requirements throughout our working relationship.

Our team’s aim is thus to become experts in your brand, project after project. For each market, your translated content acquires optimal consistency across various communications media.

Localizing: translating more than just words

Localizing brand content means adapting it to the context of a local market. The complexity of localization consists in translating content that has been thought up not just in a particular language, but also in a particular culture.

Localization is not word-for-word translation; rather it is the transposition of the brand's world, image and identity into the local mindset, respecting the codes of both cultures.