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How can you effectively deploy your digital strategy on an international level using the Content Factory?

November 2019
Between the abundance of distribution channels, the need for consistency across all of them and a constantly decreasing budget, the production of texts, images and videos has become (very) complex — and adding an international dimension to the issue only makes it more complicated.  The solution to this increasing difficulty is called the Content Factory.
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Chatbot Whatsquare

Datawords embraces AI via the acquisition of Whatsquare!

November 2019
Datawords, the global leader in Multicultural Technologies, is excited to announce the acquisition of Whatsquare, the leading chatbot provider in Asia based in Hong Kong. Whatsquare was co-founded in 2016 by Katherine Pei and Leeds Sheung.
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Generation Z

Understanding Gen Z in a Multicultural World

September 2019
Gen Z is the term used to describe the demographic born between 1995 and 2010, and represents a population which brands have focused on tremendously in recent times.
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Beauty product have nicknames in China

Your Product Has A Nickname in China!

July 2019
Chinese consumers tend to give nicknames to beauty products they love.
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Datawords x Contentsquare to increase global conversion!

May 2019
Datawords and Contentsquare partner to help brands increase conversions for international consumers!
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Podcasts: the next storytelling channel for Global Brands

April 2019
Podcasts have recently gained tremendous momentum both in the US and internationally. So what should you know about this trend? In short, podcast listeners are “loyal”, “educated” and “affluent”— three traits that should make any premium brand pay attention.
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Virtual reality device

VR / AR: how should global brands use them? 6 Points to Consider

March 2019
A lot has happened since Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR) first became big buzzwords a few years ago. There has been uncertainty and confusion on how to leverage the technologies, and at the same time never ending fantasies about what they can be used for.
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Xiao Hong Shu logo

Xiao Hong Shu: 5 Insights to optimize your Little Red Book Strategy in China

February 2019
Xiao Hong Shu (Little Red Book) recently announced that any user with more than 1000 followers is eligible to become an official “brand partner”.
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