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Trend Chat: The New Normal
The Rise of Livestreams

May 2020
Livestreams are having a big moment. Over the past few months, changes from Covid-19 have caused livestreaming to spike in popularity across multiple platforms, marking a significant shift in consumer habits. Brands and influencers are jumping on the bandwagon to offer new experiences to customers and followers who find themselves stationed at home. And interestingly, livestreams can serve as a window into the cultural and social demographics that make up each platform. Here are some insights into the creative livestreaming trend across different platforms:
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The Upside to “Social” Distancing

April 2020
“Viral” has taken on a whole new meaning as of late. With half of the world’s population isolating at home, people are headed online in search of a community more than ever. Indeed, over the past few weeks, an influx of creative energy has surged from digital platforms worldwide, bringing people together in never-before-seen ways.
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User-Generated Content

UGC in 2020: the key to your marketing success

February 2020
Did you know that ads based on User-Generated Content have 4 times higher click-through rates on average and half the cost-per-click rates than average ads? However, only 16% of brands have a clearly-defined strategy regarding UGC.
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Don’t forget Pinterest… 5 Best Practices for an optimal presence

January 2020
2019 was an incredible year for Pinterest, highlighted by Pinterest going public at the New York Stock Exchange in May. On top of this, shopping ads and catalogues are now a global feature on the platform, proving that this preferred platform is providing even more business touchpoints for brands.
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How can you effectively deploy your digital strategy on an international level using the Content Factory?

November 2019
Between an abundance of distribution channels, the need for global consistency and a constantly decreasing budget, the production of texts, images and videos has become (very) complex. Adding an international dimension to the issue only makes it more complicated. The solution to this increasing difficulty is called the Content Factory.
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Chatbot Whatsquare

Datawords embraces AI via the acquisition of Whatsquare!

November 2019
Datawords, the global leader in Multicultural Technologies, is excited to announce the acquisition of Whatsquare, the leading chatbot provider in Asia based in Hong Kong. Whatsquare was co-founded in 2016 by Katherine Pei and Leeds Sheung.
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Generation Z

Understanding Gen Z in a Multicultural World

September 2019
Gen Z is the term used to describe the demographic born between 1995 and 2010, and represents a population which brands have focused on tremendously in recent times.
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