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Datawords Joins Salesforce Partner Program to Drive Customer Success with Salesforce Commerce Cloud

January 2018
Datawords delivers a new solution to help Commerce Cloud customers achieve content internationalization.
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Cute chatbot

Are Chatbots just chitchat,
or the real deal?

January 2018
Since the early 2000s, brands have used many digital strategies to improve customer experience.  An emerging AI, chatbots, is yet again changing the rules of the game.
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Vanksen & Datawords

Datawords is acquiring Vanksen to strengthen its digital services

January 2018
A leader in e-Multicultural technologies, Datawords announced today that it is acquiring the digital agency Vanksen. This highlights the Group's continued development, with its strengths in integrated and internationalized skills.
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Datawords Multicultural Factory

Global, Local & Digital: The Need for Speed.

November 2017
In today’s world, every industry must be both global and digital. You all know that.
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HubForum 2017 Logo #Accelerate with Datawords

Datawords @ HUBFORUM Paris 2017

October 2017
Datawords partnered with HubForum in Paris for the 4th consecutive year
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The updates keep coming… and consumers love it

July 2017
Putting a website together is tough – we all know that. But what we also experience is how complex, time-consuming and costly it is to constantly update it and keep it fresh!
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Datawords e-Multicultural Meetup Paris 2017 logo

E-Multicultural Meetup
Paris 2017

June 2017
What a day for Datawords! We had a full house at our first e-Multicultural Meetup in Paris on Tuesday 27th June, so it is safe to say that we celebrated Multiculturalism Day in the best way possible.
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Let us drive you to the right funnel!

April 2017
We recently decided to address a divisive issue. No, not multiculturalism. That’s part of Datawords’ DNA and it is non-negotiable.
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