Datawords gives an impartial external view of steps already made in the development of multilingual modules.

Thanks to its dual skills in both the technical and linguistic fields, Datawords is ideally placed to liaise with your web development agency, providing specialist advice in relation to your multilingual objectives.

Datawords' consulting services are based on impartial judgements, since we never operate as a web development agency but rather as localization consultants.

We place our expertise at the disposal of web development agencies, enabling them to deal with the technical factors associated with multilingual implementation:

  • optimization of multilingual content management
  • the architecture of the website's multilingual content
  • multilingual management of video material, animations and graphic content
  • adaptation of contact forms for each country
  • inversion of content for Arabic-language websites
  • specialist advice for the introduction of different fonts, depending on the languages concerned (particularly for Asian and Slavic languages)
  • etc.