Implementing best practices in multilingual localization

Prior to a website's global debut, adoption of best practices facilitates the multilingual localization of the platform concerned, thus guaranteeing both compliance with delivery deadlines and a high quality end-result.

The aim of this preliminary check is to ensure that the website is ready for localization and that the content flows essential for it to work internationally are under control.

Even in the final stages of production, in a potentially tense context if the technical challenges of multilingual production have not been anticipated accurately enough, making the right decision at the right time can rescue a production schedule and thus the entire project.

Datawords' role as a multilingual partner is to provide clear solutions to problems that might otherwise appear complex.

Auditing an existing website for highly efficient localization

In the event of difficulties during the first attempt at localization, Datawords can intervene to optimize the multilingual management of both maintenance and any future projects of a multilingual nature.

  • Audit of localization processes
  • Technical and linguistic audit of the website
  • Audit of multilingual flow optimizations