First, an audit of your website’s structure and various sections is necessary. Simply reorganizing the pages can make for a more pleasant user experience.

Depending on your objectives (e.g. increasing brand awareness in the Chinese market and boosting e-sales in Germany), we set up key indicators on the sections of the website that you want to observe, market by market.

The data collected thanks to the indicators (tags) are then analyzed, enabling you to choose the most useful targeted actions (SEO, SEM, banners, etc.). In a virtuous circle, you can measure the efficiency of these actions. Web analytics provides close monitoring of your website's results and helps you to reorient your strategy in real time.

For example: Web analytics might reveal that, in Italy, visitors land on your website by entering key words in search engines whereas, in Germany, visitors come from an influential blog that contains a link to your page.

  • You may decide to purchase the key word to increase the traffic on the Italian market (and use web analytics to evaluate the success of this action).
  • You may contact the German blogger to propose the inclusion of an advertising banner on their website.