Analyzing the traffic on your multilingual website can help fine-tune your web strategy

Whether you are seeking to improve your visibility or develop an e-commerce component, a close examination of your web traffic can help you achieve a radical improvement in the effectiveness of your website and your promotional campaigns.

Setting up key indicators will enable you to monitor the frequency and nature of visits in each market. Thanks to the analysis of these data, you will be able to optimize your digital strategy: optimization of your content, natural referencing (SEO) and paid search (SEM) campaigns.

Determining users' habits market by market

Your requirements are unique. This is why we develop tailor-made solutions in which customized indicators are used in addition to “standard” ones.

Our experts, certified by the organizations offering the best tools on the market (Google Analytics, Omniture, Webtrends, etc.), are at the forefront of web analytics and will put in place monitoring tools corresponding to your requirements and specific to the markets targeted.

Generating international dashboards

By keeping an eye on all your key indicators, you can watch your website’s performance more easily and react more quickly in any market.

You can opt for a dashboard by market, by website section or by any other category that meets your requirements.