Globalizing Digital Communications: A Major Undertaking

For worldwide brands, digital content production and multilingual e-commerce are becoming more and more complex.

  • Continuing growth in the number of publication platforms: desktop websites, mobile websites, YouTube, Facebook pages, Twitter, Pinterest, etc.
  • Increasing numbers of languages on these platforms to keep pace with globalization (15 languages on average)
  • The accelerating frequency of content updating



Ensuring your brand image is respected depends more than ever on multilingual content management by linguistic experts, technology and web marketing.


To Simplify Your International Online Communications

In the hands of specialized technicians working in their native language, the complexity of multilingual digital production disappears:

  • delivery periods are reduced
  • quality can be obtained for lower cost


Datawords meets all the digital content and e-commerce requirements of major world brands.

The quality of its technical and linguistic teams and its partnerships with world platforms make Datawords the European specialists in multilingual digital production.



Our Commitment: The Constant Quest for Quality

Crowned with the ISO 9001 certification in 2008, our rigorous approach to quality has been a guiding force for our multilingual production since 2000, enabling us to take on the most complicated projects.

We select our translators and localization specialists on the basis of very precise criteria and their evaluation continues with each project.

We ensure the confidentiality of all documents entrusted to us. This is the cornerstone of the relation of confidence that exists between us and our customers.


Partnerships and certifications


Where the multilingual implications of developments in the digital sector are concerned, we remain ahead of the game by nurturing partnerships with major international digital players (Google, Adobe, Microsoft, Baïdu, Yandex, Acquia, SDL, etc.).