November 2017

In today’s world, every industry must be both global and digital. You all know that.

You also know how difficult it is to be digitally relevant in every target market.
Here are some of the challenges that must be addressed:

  • More players than ever before
  • An increasing need for differentiated assets
  • A growing number of platforms on which these assets must be rolled out
  • Unsatisfied markets and subsidiaries
  • Cultural and time differences
  • New technologies every day

This list could go on...

So how can you address this?


The Datawords Premium Multicultural Digital Factory

Our multicultural digital factory proposes a unique process, set of tools and organization designed to face these challenges. We are going to give you a glimpse of how our clients have been using it, and show you how our partnerships with major players in the tech space have impacted how this can be scaled. These partners include Salesforce, Hybris, Adobe, Sitecore, Drupal etc…
Let’s take a look.

To deploy websites at an industrialized pace, the use of efficient platforms becomes necessary. Datawords has helped companies ranging from the beauty industry (Benefit Cosmetics, Kiehl’s, Clarins) to the luxury industry (Harry Winston, Dior, Christie’s), and automotive and CPG industries (Michelin, All-Clad, J&J) to select and set up the right platforms to manage this.



For instance, for any digital rollout system selection, we believe the following features are “must haves”:

  • One single Web Platform
  • Simple and clear workflows
  • Optimized costs (no need to support other types of software licenses)
  • Computer Assisted Translation (translation memories, QA checks)
  • Reporting tools (word count, semantic analysis)
  • SEO compliant translation (SEO glossaries)
  • Fully integrated connector (delivery optimization)

Speaking of the fully integrated connector, one of the key tools and features of the Datawords Premium Multicultural Digital Factory is the Datawords Semantic Portal.

The Datawords Semantic Portal is a platform which will allow your brand to scale content management and deployment to as many markets as needed, and with optimized timing. The Portal can connect to any website technology, which is why it is used by many portfolio groups around the world.



Localization processes can be long and costly. Brands often encounter repeated exchanges between global headquarters, local teams and multiple agencies which take place on a variety of platforms that do not necessarily connect with each other. It becomes very difficult for a global team to manage its image on an international scale because of increasing delays and costs for the rollout of digital assets. Here are some key figures which show why localization processes need to be scaled efficiently:

  • 86% of localized mobile campaigns outperform English campaigns in CTRs and conversions
  • Geo-targeted posts in social media generate 6X more engagement than posts shared globally
  • 73% of global e-Commerce consumers prefer to use their native language when shopping online

With that said, why have major brands selected Datawords and its Premium Multicultural Digital Factory? Here are a few reasons:

  • A scalable and agile approach
  • On time high quality delivery
  • International rollout project experts with over 90 nationalities in-house
  • Technological expertise and partnerships with every major player


So remember, if you need to scale your digital assets and content deployment on a global scale, you have to think about it at an early stage, set up key tools and platforms which will allow you to save time and costs in the long run, and most importantly work with a partner who knows how to speak to your markets and understand the challenges that come with technological deployment. This is what we do after all, and why we call it “e-Multicultural Technologies”.