Providing a buying experience that corresponds both to your brand image and to each market becomes a complex matter when you are present in markets that are profoundly different.

In fine-tuning your e-commerce strategy locally, your subsidiaries or preferential contacts in each country are your best allies. However, your brand's worldwide strategy and a market's local strategy can sometimes seem hard to reconcile.

Datawords, drawing on the strength of its multicultural make-up, can serve as an intermediary and facilitate negotiations with your subsidiaries.

With its knowledge of your brands and website, its rigorous and highly organized approach and its dedicated teams, Datawords is perfectly positioned to handle the regular maintenance of your e-commerce website:

  • launching products at different times, taking seasons and national holidays into account
  • modifying product sheets to comply with the legislation in force in each country
  • parameterizing promotional offers, zone by zone
  • adapting the website's ergonomy to local cultural codes
  • parameterizing product availability, market by market
  • managing mini-sites dedicated to a product and Facebook applications with redirection to your e-commerce website
  • sending newsletters with promotional offers