Digital core localization management platform

Looking for a tool to manage your localization projects?
The Digital Core is Datawords’ project management and collaboration platform optimized for content localization.
We deploy this turnkey solution to streamline management of localization projects, improve time-to-market, ensure high-quality deliverables, store your data and communications.

Jira consulting services for localisation

Using our expertise of JIRA platforms, we offer consulting services to set up and optimize your own JIRA platform, especially for localization projects. We help you increase your productivity by implementing agile best practices and modules developed by Datawords.

Wezen | semantic asset management

Wezen is the software division of the Datawords group. Wezen provides solutions that empower brands through the ownership of their semantic content. From copywriting to localization and publishing, it leverages corporate semantic assets to help them deploy, re-use, and monitor their content globally in a snap.