Benefit Cosmetics – one of the most fun, successful and innovative brands in the US – wanted to increase its international digital presence. See how their collaboration with Datawords helped them accomplish this goal.


  • Expanding from 1 to 40+ markets in less than 2 years (digitally)
  • Maintaining a consistent brand voice and brand identity
  • Managing international content with technical platforms
  • Increasing visibility and SEO relevance 


  • Organized model with fewer communication flow streams
  • Technology, culture and content blending together
  • Deep local understanding of the brand
  • SEO optimized strategies for each local market


  • Growing from 1 to 42 international markets on a digital level
  • Over 1 million new visitors each year on localized websites

Benefit Cosmetics' brand message and story has never been as consistent globally, and the efficiency to reach local markets has attained a level we couldn’t possibly envision.”

Emily Dupuis
Benefit Cosmetics Web Operations Project Manager
Benefit Cosmetics
Partnership with Datawords
Since 2015
San Francisco

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