Proposing a turnkey multilingual interpretation solution

The efficiency and ultimate success of your international events depend to a large extent on the quality of the interpretation. This demanding and complex discipline requires thorough preparation, which we can fully take on board.

Selecting the best interpreter, making thorough terminological preparations, dealing with the logistics… Datawords puts all its linguistic and technical skills at your disposal to offer a comprehensive interpretation service in every language.

Choosing the most suitable interpretation technique

The choice of the interpretation technique best suited to your project ensures that your events run smoothly.

For major gatherings such as congresses and seminars, simultaneous interpretation is indispensable. This involves the interpreter – often referred to as a “conference interpreter” – translating the spoken word "in real time". This type of service requires appropriate equipment (booths, headsets, microphones), which we also provide.

Consecutive interpretation, on the other hand, involves repeating the speech in another language after the speaker. It requires less equipment but more time.

Finally, whispering interpretation is a form of simultaneous interpretation adapted to smaller meetings, with the interpreter whispering the translation directly to one or two participants.

Datawords will recommend one of these three types of service to you after a careful analysis of your requirements.

Service prepared down to the last detail

Each interpretation assignment is meticulously prepared ahead of time.

To be selected, our interpreters must satisfy very precise criteria in terms of qualifications, experience, reliability and availability. This will give you the confidence that comes from being able to count on a specialist in your business sector.

We make thorough terminological preparations based on reference documents and material that you provide us with. Moreover, our network of specialized translators can also take on board the translation of all the support material destined for your events.

We oversee the logistics, advising you on the equipment best suited to the configuration of your events, while our technical team provides you with back-up throughout the assignment (assistance, installation, dismantling, etc.), for your greater peace of mind.

Respecting a rigorous quality process

Our ISO 9001-certified production-monitoring processes are a guarantee of our commitment to quality.

Datawords has been awarded ISO 9001 certification. This means that each stage of an interpretation assignment is subjected to quality checks, from the initial selection of the interpreter to the full debriefing that follows each assignment.

Our terminological tools are constantly updated to take into account our clients' feedback. We thus propose an interpretation service that keeps abreast of developments in your business sector.

Conscious of the deontological issues that arise with interpretation, we have established a code of professional ethics in order to guarantee the confidentiality and impartiality of our services.