Communicating more effectively by redrafting in each language

Deploying a web communications strategy worldwide sometimes requires more than simply translating the source language into the target languages. By producing original content in the local language, your words can better adhere to the culture of each market.

Your creative and marketing agencies express your vision and message in a given language and a given culture. However, communications customs sometimes vary greatly from one market to another and a straightforward translation can thus prove inadequate. In these cases, reworking the substance, form or tone of the message can create a greater impact.

To guarantee the suitability of your message for the social and cultural reality of the target language, Datawords will draft original content or rewrite a translation, in consultation with your local subsidiary.

Drafting original content for each language

Your brand's content communicates more effectively if it is adapted to each local market.

Based on instructions outlining the essential points of your message, Datawords redrafts your content directly in the target language, adopting the linguistic and cultural customs of the targeted market from the outset.

When the request comes from your subsidiary, Datawords creates the content in accordance with your overall strategy and facilitates the exchanges between your head office and subsidiaries concerning required adjustments, thus satisfying everyone’s objectives.

Certain languages favor demonstration, for example, or a more formal discussion, while others make use of longer sentences (or shorter ones). The use of the exclamation point might be worth encouraging – or restraining. Likewise, the perception of colors and their significance varies between cultures.

Revising existing original content

In-house or agency copywriters responsible for the production of your brand content will not necessarily be writing in their native language.

In order to be sure that your message is phrased in the most authentic manner possible, Datawords proposes reviewing or revising such content, to guarantee optimum quality of expression.

In this way, the content published online is sure to be beyond reproach. It also limits the misunderstandings often encountered in the initial phase of a translation or multilingual adaptation project.

The transfer of content from one medium to another (catalogue to iPad application, newsletter to a section of your website, etc.) can provide the ideal occasion for a linguistic and cultural review.

Creating content specifically for a market

To produce or review content that will meet a market's specific requirements, Datawords brings into play its knowledge of your overall brand culture and ensures compliance with your international editorial style.

Datawords can ensure that your local agencies’ creative output is reviewed through the lens of your overall communications. Our team thus guarantees that the market’s cultural and linguistic customs are adopted, all while preserving your brand image.